I know that your path to wellness needs to be as individualized as  you are.


That's why I have created these Personal Training Packages.


Simply choose the package that best describes where you are on your path to wellness

O On Your Own Package $170- This package is  for those who  are new to personal training. You'll receive an initial consultation, at which time I will find out  where you stand currently regarding your fitness level, and where you want to go. You will then receive 2 one hour appointments with me. I will create an exercise  program developed specifically for you and your goals. There is no follow up.

Four Sessions $240- This package consists of four sessions and is designed for someone who works out on a regular basis, but needs some input on how to  best progress their  program. Based on a 2x per  week workout.

Eight Sessions $440- This package consists of  8 sessions and is designed for the  person who is familiar  with working out, but would like  some guidance and variety in their workout.  Based on one to two sessions per week. It takes 21 days to make a habit-so why not make  it  a habit to make yourself a priority? Within four weeks, establish and develop healthy behaviors that can  improve your body and the way  you look at food-all the  while having support and accountability along the way.

Twelve Sessions-$600  Are you seeking sustained support and success? Within twelve sessions, receive real time feedback and guidance as you make the transition into a healthier lifestyle. With a customized coaching, and fitness  plan-you can look forward to a new you that's more  physically and  emotionally alive than ever.

Twenty  Four Sessions-$1080 This program is for the person who is really committed to a  fitness program. Twice per week one on one training sessions. This is my top of  the  line program.


 Specialty Rehab-$80 per session: These sessions are designed for clients with spine dysfunction, pre and post surgical rehabilitation,and functional movement for seniors. Functional movement is essential to what it means to be healthy. This program will help you improve and maintain your maximum level of function in the  shortest time  possible. This program is usually  physician recommended. 8 mininum sessions are required.

Four Month Online Training $200 single or $320 each for couple- Can't find the  time to work with  a trainer because of scheduling etc? Unable to afford the per session rate? If your self motivated then try the online program. I  design a customized program for you  to  follow for the  next 4 months. We keep in contact via email and  phone on your progress while making adjustments to your program along the  way.

On average my clients improve their strength by 50% within three month , and double their strength within a year. This means that if you can barely lift a 20-pound box now, you could be lifting a 30 pound box withing a few weeks, a 40 pound box comfortably within a year. Not to mention your ability to lose weight, and rely less on medications and outlast your grandkids on the  playground.










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